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Focus Pro 5000 * Focus Pro 6000 * 

Focus Pro 600 Wi Fi * Vision Pro 8000  Old Style * Vision Pro 8000 Wi Fi * Vision Pro 9000 Wi Fi * T7300 * T7350 * Venstar T2800

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Honeywell-Focus-Pro-6000 (pdf)


Honeywell-FocusPro 6000 Wi Fi (pdf)


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VisionPro 8000 Wi Fi (pdf)


Honeywell-VisionPRO-9000 Wi-Fi (pdf)


Honeywell T7350 (pdf)


Honeywell T7300 (pdf)


Venstar T2800 (pdf)


Safety First!

Accident prevention is a primary concern in all phases of our operations. The safety of our employees and the public will always be of the highest priority. It is our intent to maintain effective standards that will guard against injuries and illnesses occurring on the job. Maintaining open communication between management and employees on matters pertaining to project safety is our first order of business. All employees are encouraged to express their concerns or suggestions to help promote safe work practices and conditions.


About Us

Reliable HVAC Professionals



“Working together with our clients to provide a community that we can all enjoy and want to be part of. We strive to provide environmental solutions that enhance the comfort, safety and welfare of every client, with a professional user-friendly team of employees”. 

We serve  commercial clients exclusively and offer a variety of solutions. Whether you need a routine maintenance check, an emergency repair or a professional grade installation, we are available to satisfy all of your HVAC needs. We continually strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that each client receives the very best service. Unlike most companies in the HVAC industry, we do not train technicians on the job. All of our technicians are required to have a minimum of 15 years experience in the industry.  We're the company where Journeymen level technicians seek employment and are respected for their experience and expertise. We will continue to provide you with Journeymen level workmanship when you are in need of a resolution to your HVAC needs, plain and simple,without all the unnecessary frills. 

Individualized HVAC Options


We excel in working with you to find the best solutions to fit your needs, providing you with a full consultation to explain all of your available options. Whether you need an HVAC system that’s right for your project or a maintenance plan that keeps your equipment running efficient and trouble free, you can trust Excel to deliver your individualized options. 

Customer Satisfaction Pledge


 It is our pledge to combine our use of the highest quality parts and equipment to deliver exceptional value to all of our clients. Our reputation and continued growth depends on your satisfaction in the services we provide. We will always strive to provide you with top quality Journeymen level service and the results you expect and demand from HVAC professionals .

What we provide

Exceptional Journeymen Level Service


  Each of our Journeymen technicians have over 20 years of experience diagnosing, maintaining and repairing HVAC equipment. 

24/7 Emergency Response

· Free: Preventive maintenance quotes

· Free: 2nd opinion on compressor replacement recommendations 

· Always Journeymen level technicians (never apprentice's)

· 90 Day parts and labor warranty for equipment repairs

 (Industry leading ) 1-year parts and labor warranty for PM Agreement customer equipment repairs


*ACCA/ANSI/ASHRAE 180 Standard PM Agreeements


  • Excel’s maintenance program identifies recommendations for achieving acceptable industry 180 standards focusing on the impact that maintenance has on thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency, resulting in deeper energy savings. Ultimately, this allows skilled technicians to identify the ‘best fit’ opportunities for the specific system being serviced using transparent and standardized protocols. High-quality maintenance is a highly technical activity in which improper execution can lead to incorrect diagnosis of problems and remedies that can potentially have the opposite of the intended purpose . Failure to properly implement the 180 standard programs can result in a 20% to 30% increase in peak electricity and gas consumption.

Professionally Installed HVAC Equipment


  • Occupant comfort and safety are main drivers of having satisfied tenants and productive workers. It is imperative that your HVAC system is designed and installed correctly to optimize performance and manage operating costs. Our clients realize the value of selecting a professional team to design their HVAC systems. Our expert team of installers ensure that your system is operating at its peak performance when we complete system turnover. Extensive experience in prefabrication which facilitates air duct, piping and equipment installation is our specialty. We deliver high quality, fast moving, turnkey HVAC projects to our customers. Minor flaws in the execution of your project can result in costly corrections for years. Relax and let Excels' team of professionals handle your project details. 


How it works and the benifits for your health.

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